Where Have I Been?

Where have I been these past five days? Time went by so fast. Work was my preoccupation and I have literally forgotten about everything else. I want to write about many of the things that have happened, but I am not calm enough of mind to write. I feel impatient.

In seventeen days, I will be walking in graduation. My parents will be here. Linh will be here. The most important people in my life will be here for this important milestone.

I want to talk about my experience of finishing the Capstone Portfolio, of my findings in the Senior Project, and of my analysis for NABI Biopharmaceuticals. Raam’s birthday was Monday. I might decide to get a date for this Friday. There is Greg’s party on Saturday. So many things going on…. I just want a simple day’s rest.

I know! This Friday will be my day off. After class, I will go home and nap. I will wake up to eat lunch and then nap. I will wake up for dinner, shower, write a bit in this here journal, and then nap (for eight hours). That is a plan. That is something to look forward to.

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