Laser Tag

I took my little cousins to the Laser Tag place on Main Street. Raymond and Feigao have never played before, so they were more than eager to give it a try. Due to a fundraiser that a local YMCA club was holding, we were able to get a deal for an all-you-can-play pass. Instead of $6 per game, we paid only $6 per person for an all-night pass. Pretty great deal.

Tracy, being the pint-sized girl she is, was afraid of being trampled. The “battleground” was dark and misty and loud. It’s very possible that she could get lost. Fortunately, she had five other cousins watching after her. After the first game, she got the hang of it and went around sniping people like a pro.

I mark this night as one of those memorable nights well-spent with my little cousins. They will not be young forever, and simple playtime such as this would be remembered fondly in the future.

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