Alamitos Marina

After brunch with The Family today, the fourth family, my mom and I went down to Long Beach. My uncle, Angus, wanted to rent a boat and drive around the marina there. A simple and relaxing way to spend a sunny afternoon.

Driving a boat isn’t easy. One continues to move in the direction of a turn long after the wheel is returned to the straight position. So, I would turn the opposite way to compensate.

There were narrow canals that boats like ours were allowed to go through. However, with the amount of traffic, we had to go really slow. My heart was beating really fast as I tried to avoid crashing into the parked boats (very fancy) and the family of kayakers. At one point, I almost backed into a family on an inflatable raft. Fortunately, I got the hang of it and we exited the canal without killing anybody.

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