Ten Mile Hike

This past weekend, I went to visit an old friend: Mr. Riggs.  I haven’t seen him since… oh… since he graduated from Humboldt.  That’s about two years ago.  How much has changed!  He used to be 320+ lbs. and he lost over 120 lbs. to be 205 today.  I didn’t even recognize him.  About the only thing that was the same were his eyes.

I can see how he lost all that weight.  All that hiking.  He does it almost every day.  In the beginning, he even added treadmill exercises – estimating a daily caloric burn of about 2,000 calories!  He was crash-dieting, of course.  And, he could’ve seriously injured himself.  But, he lost a lot of weight in a short period of time.  He says he feels great, and – minus the excess skin – looks great, too.

Damn… another meeting.

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