Rediscover Catholicism: Quotes (#1-21)

I’m re-reading Matthew Kelly’s “Rediscover Catholicism” and am finding the author to be very quotable.  So here are 21 quotes for your enjoyment:

  1. There are 1.2 billion Catholics in the world.  There are sixty-seven million Catholics in America — that’s at least fifteen million more people than it takes to elect an American president.
  2. Every single day the Catholic Church feeds, houses, and clothes more people, takes care of more sick people, visits more prisoners, and educates more people than any other institution on the face of the earth could ever hope to.
  3. The very essence of health care and caring for the sick emerged through the Church, through the religious orders, in direct response to the value and dignity that the Gospel assigns to each and every human life.
  4. Prior to the Church’s introduction of education for the common man, education was reserved only for the nobility.  Almost the entire Western world is educated today because of the Church’s pioneering role in universal education.
  5. In the United States alone the Catholic Church educates 2.6 million students every day, at the cost of ten billion dollars a year to parents and parishes.
  6. The Catholic education system alone saves American taxpayers eighteen billion dollars a year.
  7. The Catholic Church has a nonprofit hospital system comprising of 637 hospitals, which treat one in five patients in the United States every day.
  8. Our contribution on a local, national and global scale remains phenomenal even in spite of our faults, inefficiencies, and recent scandals, and yet the Church is despised by millions of ordinary Americans, while most Catholics want to crawl under the table when people start talking about the Church in a social setting.
  9. We have forgotten our story and as a result we allow the anti-Catholic segments of the media to distort our story on a daily basis.
  10. This year Catholic Charities will provide 2.2 million free meals to the hungry and the needy of Chicago.  We don’t ask them if they are Catholic — we just ask them if they are hungry.  Rediscover Catholicism.
  11. There is nothing wrong with Catholicism that can’t be fixed by what is right with Catholicism.
  12. We gravitate toward what is manageable, rather than imagining what is possible.
  13. If you had an ancient treasure map, would you throw it away just because it was old?
  14. Most of us know good, intelligent people, contributing members of our communities, who won’t have anything to do with Christianity. … Did the hypocrisy of individual church members or leaders obscure their experience of God?
  15. Our siblings, parents, and children are sending us this message, as are our friends, neighbors, and colleagues.  They are saying, whispering, crying out, “Don’t tell me — show me!”
  16. In reference to the well-known fact that Gandhi read from the New Testament every day and often quoted the Christian Scriptures, a reporter once asked him why he had never become a Christian.  He answered, “If I had ever met one, I would have become one.”
  17. We spend much of our time fixated on secondary questions (usually related to controversial and sensational issues) and every little time exploring the primary questions about our brief stay here on earth.
  18. [The three dominant philosophies of our time:] (1) Individualism: “What’s in it for me?”; (2) Hedonism: “If it feels good, do it!”; (3) Minimalism: “What is the least I can do?”
  19. The false and adolescent notion is that freedom is the opportunity to do whatever you want, wherever you want, whenever you want, without the interference of any other person or party.
  20. Hedonism is not an expression of freedom; it is a passport to enslavement by a thousand cravings and addictions.  And in the end it produces not pleasure, but despair.
  21. Minimalism is the enemy of excellence and the father of mediocrity.

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