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The Real “Dear Jane” Letter

Dear L.,

My criticisms of your behavior have caused you much pain, anguish and turmoil.  I am sorry, and I regret having made such criticisms.  As you say, they were without merit.  My words made you feel inferior and unworthy.  The words seemed to paint you as a monster.  In the end, my crticisms seemed to imply that you were undeserving of my love.  For all these implications and more, I am sorry.  I truly regret making you feel such pain.

You should know that you are very deserving of the best love.  You are beautiful, intelligent and resourceful.  Despite my criticisms, you are more than capable of handling the most enormous burdens.  You have endurance and determination that many women cannot match – and, as you say, who would breakdown and give up under such pressure.  You have ambition and strong family values.  Such qualities and more make you very attractive.  You don’t ever have to worry about who your husband and father of your children will be because such qualities as you have can only demand the best.

You should know this.  And I am ashamed if my criticisms caused you to doubt those qualities.

I have known you for over ten years – two of those years intimately.  You have grown much, especially in the last couple of years.  You are more loving and caring than before.  And, in time, I am sure you will be even more so.

The most important thing is not to lose focus.  The anger you have will pass.  Everything will be okay.  Life will always bring new joys.  So, the most important thing is not to lose focus.  Concentrate on what’s important for your future… for your own self and your own family.  Life will always bring new happiness.

Don’t worry about me.  I will be okay.  Like you said, I will learn.  I will adapt.

You were the best thing that ever happened to me, L.

Yours truly,

Keenton C. Luong 姜

A Letter to L.

Dearest L.,

There will be a partial solar eclipse this Monday from 5-7pm PST. I wonder if the combined electro-magnetic fields are causing the pain in our wisdom teeth? All day yesterday, I had sharp stabbing pains from my left jawbone to the nerves on that side of the neck. I hope there is no need to get an operation soon. I have so much stuff to do!

All your talk of taking an MCAT preparation course made me look for an equivalent for the GMAT that I will be taking several years from now. I found a really good one called the Manhatten GMAT. The costs of that program are pretty high, but the teachers who tutor have scored at or above the 95th percentile in the GMAT and have to prove effective teaching skills. So, perhaps their $1,500-3,000 courses are worth it?

I don’t think I want to turn in my Peace Corps application until Monday. So, I guess, if you don’t have the time today, you can take the weekend to look over my draft essay. Thanks for doing this, by the way.

I had fun over at Josh/Justin’s place last night. We are playing again this Saturday evening. I realize that I’m spending a lot of time over at their place. I guess it will make up for the time that I won’t see them for the years to come. Josh is getting his Ph.D. in Botany. Justin will be graduating in Natural Resources Interpretation and History. Their life paths will take them to different places than mine. I will enjoy their company while I still can.

I want to finish both my resume and my motivation essay today for the Peace Corps application. I haven’t had a chance to compile the data that Steve Newman gave me, so I will do that today, too. Remember how I was going to reach my 80th Chinese character five days ago? Well, I have yet to do that. I also have yet to timetable my investment studies and homepage construction.

Maybe I should not work on the homepage until I get back to L.A.? I think a good amount of my time is already used on the tasks at hand. I keep on forgetting to factor in the many hours that I take to read. Reading alone takes up a good several hours of my day. Thankfully, I’m done with the war novels. There are six more books for the The Corps series, but I told Roy to stop me from buying any more. Reading those short stories do not take a short time. I consume myself in them, sacrificing the other tasks that I should be doing for the day. He won’t be there when I’m back at L.A., but hopefully, I’ll forget about the series by then. 🙂

Instead of those war novels, I should be reading books like the ones I am, now. Doing Deals: Management in Investment Banks is a really good book (as far as I can tell from chapter one). Had I not read the Vault investment bank primer, I would not be able to understand the roles and general process behind the description that the authors in Doing Deals describe. Since I do have a general understanding of the roles and processes, I am really enjoying the detailed exposition of an actual investment banking transaction: the Union Carbide $2 billion recapitalization in 1983 by First Boston. And, I thought Doing Deals was just going to be a boring textbook!

I am also reading A Random Walk Down Wall Street. I mentioned that before, right? The book is an easier read than Doing Deals, so I hope to finish that soon. In this book, the author does a comparison between technical analysis, fundamental analysis, and the passive method of investing in securities. He offers some good suggestions in stock analysis, too. Combining his advice with what I learned from my investment class, I think I now have a better understanding of how to invest. Actually, I should say, less than a year ago, I had no idea where to begin to learn how to invest. Now, what I don’t know, I can find out. And, more importantly, from the class that I took, I know what type of advice is full of poo-poo. 🙂

I will keep my phone lines open at 7pm tonight if you want to call. Since you are starting your MCAT studies again, I will understand if you can’t keep contact with me everyday. But, please don’t go over a week without an update about what’s going on in your life. The everyday stuff, the stuff that sounds mundane but are actually the glue that binds our lives closer together, is very important.

I love you very much, and I miss you dearly!