Kerygma in 12 Tweets

The core Gospel message (#kerygma) in 12 tweets:

  1. God created us as good, endowed with sanctifying and supernatural grace that extended into all Creation. #kerygma
  2. We rejected God to become gods ourselves: the ability to define what is “good” and what is “evil.” #kerygma
  3. Rejecting God, we lost sanctifying grace for ourselves and Creation; sin & death entered the world. #kerygma
  4. We became slaves to flesh, money, fame and power instead of gods. Our masters were the devil and his demons. #kerygma
  5. God did not abandon us. He had a Divine Plan to save all of humanity from slavery. #kerygma
  6. God revealed His plan thru a succession of covenants: with a family, tribe, nation and then a kingdom. #kerygma
  7. Through prophets, God announced the coming of a Savior who will break our bonds of slavery. #kerygma
  8. Through a New Eve, God became human in Jesus Christ and modeled for us a life to imitate. #kerygma
  9. Christ suffered humiliation, torture and death to free us from slavery & justify us before God. #kerygma
  10. From the wound on Christ’s side, God created His Bride, the Church – where we become children of God. #kerygma
  11. Christ rose from the dead and explained to the First Apostles how God’s salvation plan was fulfilled. #kerygma
  12. Christ sent the Holy Spirit & left us Sacraments to gather people of all nations into the New Kingdom. #kerygma

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