Scriptural Rosary

The Virgin Mary Holding the Rosary
The Virgin Mary Holding the Rosary

On October 16, 2002, Pope John Paul II declared October 2002 – 2003 as a “Year of the Rosary.”  The very same day, JPII released an apostolic letter, The Rosary of the Virgin Mary (Rosarium Virginis Mariae), that called Catholics to renew their devotion to this traditional prayer.  What was really interesting was the introduction of a new set of mysteries: “The Mysteries of Light.”

I learned all of this from Dr. Edward Sri in his book, The New Rosary in Scripture.  What a great introduction to this devotion!  I learned that the original three mysteries (Joyful, Sorrowful and Glorious) times the 50 beads in the rosary makes 150… which is the number of Psalms in the Scripture.  So the Rosary was like a zip file of prayer for the 150 psalms!

Dr. Sri’s book showed that all the mysteries (including the new Luminous mysteries) that we’re supposed to contemplate about during the Rosary is rooted in Scripture.  I highly encourage you to get this book and read it for yourself.  If you’re itching to dive into praying the Scriptural Rosary, then I would like to share with you the following:

At some point, I will put them all together into a PDF document that you can download.  For now, please refer to the links above.  God bless you!

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