A Night of Music

Cover of "The Passion of Joan of Arc (Cri...
Cover via Amazon
Cover of "Shine"
Cover of Shine

This evening’s entertainment was shared with Roy H- and Samantha S-. Both were good company for Voices of Light and the Geoffrey Rush film, Shine.

Voices of Light was a vocal/orchestra production with a silent film. The film was The Passion of Joan of Arc, a 1928 French black & white. The music was composed by Richard Einhorn, conducted by HSU vocal professor John Ector.

Everyone was moved by the combination of Joan’s story and the music’s grace. They were like fingers pinching and squeezing at our tear ducts. The full house stood for a double standing ovation.

Continuing with the night’s musical trend, we watched Shine. I’ve seen it twice before, but the story is still good. I am just as impressed by the music as when I first saw it.

I am sleeping at the keyboard. Perhaps I should go to sleep?

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